I believe in working smart, not hard.

Which speaks to my commitment in helping you pursue your purpose

After working in corporate America for almost my entire life, I decided to leave at the age of 24 to pursue full time entrepreneurship. As first generation and a Afro-Latina Woman from The Bronx, this was a huge risk. Let’s talk about standing face to face with fear! Though I enjoyed my job at the time, that feeling of 

“There has to be more’ would not let me rest. So I left my job and  it was the best decision that I have ever made in my professional career. I absolutely  love working with passion led individuals that want to pursue their purpose. I find joy in helping people discover their purpose. After all, we all have a God given purpose. 


Full Branding Package 

4 weeks – $550 

This program is designed to give you a clear understanding of your business/brand so that you can strategically aim at the right audience and offer them the right message to fit their needs. My ultimate goal with this package is to teach you everything you need to know bout branding so that you can pursue your purpose. 

Power Planning Session

60 min session – $100

Within this power session, we are able to mastermind the ideas that you have. You have the opportunity to present your business/branding problems and I will give you a blueprint with solutions. This selection is created for those who need a little guidance and push into the right direction. 


30 min – $50

Great things happen when you work with the right set of people. This session will allow you to share your hopes and goals for your business before moving forward in any of our packages. If you are unsure about the program or would like more information before committing than highly recommend for you to book a consultation service first.

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Fashion Designer and Stylist Jada West

“This Program has changed my entire Business” 

In the beginning I was expecting to have a new logo, revamp my website and the demographics of my customers. Once I started the program, I realized that I received so much more than that. What stood out to me the most about the program is that Deyla knows how to guide you by asking you the right questions. She is not dictating on telling you which way you should go, instead she prompts you into what you need to do.

I have never been in a program like this before. This is my first time working on my brand and I am starting to get more clarity on what I am supposed to do.

Joining this program has been the best decision that I have ever made in my entrepreneurship journey so far. If you are confused about your business and what to do, I suggest that you begin with Deyla’s program because she will give you the tools to go further in your business.

Author Laura Eustache

“She’s excellent at what she does and understands the landscape of voice, purpose, and audience.”

Prior to working together, I struggled with optimizing my usage of social media, i.e. effective hashtags, an organized approach to posting.This service stands out from the rest because it is heavily rooted in personal development, with a distinct support of Christian/faith-based ideals. Deyla is one of the most patient, nurturing, supportive, but direct, and firm coaches/ consultants I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She made space for my many moving pieces as an entrepreneurial Mother of two. Since working together I have been able to define my voice through the window of social media. I have come to accept the value of using social media to amplify the purpose of my business. I highly recommend Deyla’s services to Mother’s who need a gentle, patient, supportive coach who can help them to realign and redirect their creative goals. She’s excellent at what she does and understands the landscape of voice, purpose, and audience.