10 things to pack for your next Vacation

Have you ever experienced packing for vacation, wishing that you had packed a few important gems? Yeah? Well that was me recently. Over the course of the Summer, I have been traveling to different places. Some places that I have been to before and others that I visited for the first time. I made the decision to pack lightly but yet I missed a few key things.


During my travels from this Summer I began to evaluate what worked, what did not work and what I should pack for the next time. I know that I am not the only one that can benefit from this list, so here are 10 things to pack for your next vacation:

  1. Portable Charger

  2. Extra Reading Book

  3. Extra Pens

  4. Comfortable Sneakers over cute sneakers (Preferentially with memory foam in the inside)

  5. Safety Pins (For fashion purposes)

  6. Traveling Coffee/Tea Mug

  7. Hand wipes (To keep in bag at all time)

  8. Coin purse (To store extra coins)

  9. Cocoa Butter or any natural oil (Though you can use it for almost everything, I like to use it as protection from the sun)

  10. Ziploc Bags (For your snacks on a day of sightseeing)

Some things on this list, left me feeling totally unprepared for my trips. However, I am happy to point out what not to forget for my next trip and I was also able to help some people at the same time. Which marks a great thing for me!

Is there anything that I am missing in my list? Where are you headed next for vacation?




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A visit to Paris, “The city of love”

If you did not know before, Paris is known to be “the city of love”. There are many different reasons why, one being that it is a popular destination for newly weds to enjoy their honeymoons. Although I was not on my honeymoon, my boyfriend and I had a wonderful time visiting all of the sights, trying out french pastries and walking throughout the city.

One thing that we enjoyed on our trip in Paris was the boutiques! I love shopping and Paris has a lot of boutiques to shop from. While shopping, a Parisian shared with me some tips and tricks for a perfect modern outfit. (Will include in a separate post)

TIP: If you are looking for modern fashion tips or inspirations, I suggest that you look into French Fashion (I am so obsessed with their sense of fashion). It is simple but yet very stylish.

Here are some photos from our trip in Paris!!

Paris 14

Eiffel Tower

Paris 8

Louvre Pyramid

Paris 10

Locks taking over most of the bridges in Paris

Paris 1

Paul, a popular patisserie in Paris

Paris 3

Ham, cheese and roasted tomatoes sandwich. Deliciousness!

Paris 7Paris 4

Paris 5

The old Lock Bridge

Paris 6

Paris 11

The Big Wheel

Paris 12Paris 13


Top from Mango, Black Jeans from Fashion Nova, Over Knee Suede Boots from Macy’s

Paris, you were everything that I had envisioned and more! I will see you again.

Have you visited PARIS yet?

Travel day to London


Buckingham Palace


Big Ben


Rainbow next to Buckingham Palace


Underground escalator to exit the station


Chinatown in London


London taxi


The iconic British telephone booth! My boyfriend is so photogenic, can you tell?

London was so much fun! Although it is different it reminded me so much of New York City, lights, crowd and plenty of things to do. One thing that I found very pleasant was that it was very easy to get around by transportation. We were very lucky that our travel to the city from our hotel was a piece of cake. Overall, I would recommend London as a city to hit if you are traveling due to its rich history and architecture. Another thing, Buckingham palace is walking distance to Winter Wonderland (at the right time of the year of course) London eye, Big Ben, Sea Life London Aquarium (if you are traveling with kids) and plenty of shops for souvenir shopping, so no worries!