Faith and Fashion with Jada West

In this weeks show, Fashion designer and professional stylist Jada West shares important staples that we need in order to own our winning season by wearing clothes that speaks to who we currently are and makes us feel good all once! Yes girl, it is possible.

Having a conversation about faith and fashion with @itsjadawest has helped me realize the following :

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Passion leads to Purpose

Passion is your light to living a purpose filled life.

It keeps you on your toes, keeps your hope tank full, keeps you motivated and expecting for more.

Taking passion out of the equation, will leave you in a dark place.

You will begin to feel unmotivated, stuck and hopeless.

Your passion is one of the main things that the enemy comes after because without it you are completely weak.

Passion will take you to your purpose

Passion may be the missing piece to your puzzle

How can you fuel your passion?

Are you passion less?

In Episode 14 I give you practical tools on how to fuel your passion, grab your pen, notepad and lets get this work!

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Finding hope in the darkness

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought it was going to break you? Where you were almost convinced that it was going to be the end for you? Perhaps it was so bad that you felt like you couldn’t see a way out? You were so broken that you couldn’t even explain the state of your emotions..

If that was you or that is currently you, I tottally understand where you are! You are not alone.

I did not have the right words to interpret how I felt. I just wanted to lay somewhere and cry my eyes out. I did not want to speak to anyone, I just wanted to eat junk and lay in bed. It was so bad, ya’ll.

I began to ponder back and forth on how these things began to happen to me. I was all in my head, thinking about everything and how I end up where I was. In the midst of this storm, I had so much responsibilities sitting on my plate for me to take care of. I scanned through everything and laid on the floor of my bedroom asking God for the strength that I needed to move forward.

I knew that there was a supernatural strength that had to come from God that I could not supply on my own. So I took my bible, prayer shawl and wept before the Lord. I had nothing left to give and I was ready to receive from the Lord. In the midst of this, I was thinking of my role of leadership to others and how my future generation was possibly going to be affected if I was to remain in this dark place.

I literary took one day at a time, leaning on to God. And by the time I looked back, a whole month had gone by. I couldn’t believe my eyes! God had to literally shift my focus. And guess what? In the midst of it, I was able to successfully launch my podcast where I pour into people who are so eager to uncover their identity, get closer to God and truly enjoy their success.

I share this with you to tell you: Do yourself a favor and give yourself time to grow. Allow your growth to grow. You can hit rock bottom, but you don’t have to stay there. There is more to life and I promise you that this too shall pass.

When you feel like you are alone

To the person who is about to give up, ⁣

This morning I woke up with a heavy heart feeling like a lot of you are silently crying for help. You have mastered concealing your emotions and highlighting a filtered smile. It’s so easy to miss who you are but know that God knows exactly where you are and he hears your cries. You have been seeking to be saved from something that you cant’t even put into words. Something that makes you feel uneasy and desperately want to give up entirely. If that’s you, I felt you this morning and God placed you in my heart. ⁣

He wants you to know this:⁣
Your pain and tears are not in vain⁣
It’s okay not to be okay⁣
You are here for a reason ⁣
Pressure produces promotion ⁣
Oppositions builds endurance ⁣
This too shall pass ⁣

I couldn’t understand why I felt so emotional this morning until I finished recording my new podcast episode and I realized that I had to deliver this message to someone

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