August Declaration

Just when you thought it was over, God sent me to tell you that he is not done⁠⠀
I declare COMPLETE breakthrough over your life ⁠⠀
Breakthrough from a wavering mind⁠⠀
Breakthrough from a poverty mentality ⁠⠀
Breakthrough from fear⁠⠀
Breakthrough from intimidation ⁠⠀

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Real Talk; How starting a podcast has changed my life forever

Things change when God is on your side

The ride is scary and above all very uncomfortable!

When the Lord first spoke to me about beginning this podcast channel, I immediately felt intimidated and unqualified

BUT GOD! Opened a door for me that he equipped me to walk through

God does calls the qualified, he qualifies the call — READ THAT AGAIN!

He called me and qualified me

However when this podcast channel was began, my life turned upside down… literally.

Everything that I expected to go wrong, went wrong!

This is why I always say, you don’t know what you are asking for until you take a sip from the cup of suffering.

I desired to share this testimony at the beginning of the journey but the Lord would not allow me to speak on it until now!

My obedience in sharing this testimony is in hopes that your faith will be stretched and that you will step into your rifle place and do what thus says of the Lord!

Here is what really happened as I began recording this podcast channel..

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