Faith and Fashion with Jada West

In this weeks show, Fashion designer and professional stylist Jada West shares important staples that we need in order to own our winning season by wearing clothes that speaks to who we currently are and makes us feel good all once! Yes girl, it is possible.

Having a conversation about faith and fashion with @itsjadawest has helped me realize the following :

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Afrocentric Greeting Cards

afro greeting cardafro greeting card 1


Hey, lovely people!

This is the season where we celebrate any and everything because it is Summer and because of the fact that we need a reason to be outside under the sun with music and yummy food. To help us throughout this giving season, here are some Afrocentric greeting cards that you can gift to your friends and family.

Isidra Sabio is a Garifuna painter and illustrator; she has a collection of paintings and greeting cards that fits a list of occasions. I love Isidra’s work because she addresses the elephant in the room in the greeting card aisle. As human, it is important for everyone around the world to see people and things that they can relate to. And so, I feel that greeting cards is one area where you do not get to see people of color, Asians or Hispanics. There should be a greeting card that carries a reflection of everyone no matter what. Which leads me back to my original point of why I truly enjoy Isidra’s greeting cards because it embraces diversity.
Want more of these beautiful cards? Check out her website and follow her on instagram @isidrasabio .  I am in love with my cards and I cant wait to gift them this Summer, Thank you Isidra! 🌺




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Date Night

Date Night


Fall Inspired Outfit


Besides Spring, Fall is my favorite season of the year. What I enjoy the most, is the ability to layer my outfit. I love to pair a simple outfit with a beautiful, rich colored coat. As we move closer to Winter, I will continue to layer my outfit before slipping into my heavy duty winter coat (which is not so cute). I must add that I had so much fun, shooting for this look; which I shared with you guys on my Instagram page. Anyways, I hope that you enjoy it!


.: J.Crew Camel Coat :.

.: Fashion Nova Black Jeans (Similar) :.

.: Forever 21 Black Classic V-Neck Cami :.

.: Guess Snake Skin Pointed Toe Pumps (Similar) :.

.: Neck piece from TJ Maxx (Similar) :.

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