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Finding hope in the darkness

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought it was going to break you? Where you were almost convinced that it was going to be the end for you? Perhaps it was so bad that you felt like you couldn’t see a way out? You were so broken that you couldn’t even explain […]

Volunteer Blues

Rage tastes like salty sweat on my lips, I can not wipe away, chemicals on my hand Rage sounds like 4th of July fireworks on land that is not free the irony of red, white and blue, freedom comes in restrictions. Apathy feels like going through the motions, turning off the rage with hammers, nails […]

Dollar Tree Finds

Sometimes it is so easy to overlook discounted stores such as Dollar Tree, based on the assumption that we wont find things of quality. I am guilty of thinking like this in the past! And I must admit that I was wrong. In fact, Dollar Tree has amazing deals and steals hidden inside. I like […]

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