Passion leads to Purpose

Passion is your light to living a purpose filled life.

It keeps you on your toes, keeps your hope tank full, keeps you motivated and expecting for more.

Taking passion out of the equation, will leave you in a dark place.

You will begin to feel unmotivated, stuck and hopeless.

Your passion is one of the main things that the enemy comes after because without it you are completely weak.

Passion will take you to your purpose

Passion may be the missing piece to your puzzle

How can you fuel your passion?

Are you passion less?

In Episode 14 I give you practical tools on how to fuel your passion, grab your pen, notepad and lets get this work!

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Resting is not Sleeping

Resting is not the same as sleeping ⁣⠀
Sleep is when your body is shut down and your body is not alert. ⁣⠀
Rest is when your body is awake and alert. ⁣⠀
You don’t have to sleep in order to rest. ⁣⠀
Some of us are so busy that though we get in a few hours of sleep at night we neglect our bodies from resting. Resting is not sleeping. Resting is SUPER important. ⁣⠀
Even Jesus understood the importance of rest, when he created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Genesis 2:2⁣

Benefits of resting: ⁣⠀
1. Reduces Stress⁣⠀
2. Boosts Creativity Level ⁣⠀
3. Increases Happiness ⁣⠀ ⁣

Examples of resting:⁣⠀
1. Going for a walk or exercise ⁣⠀
2. Take a warm bath ⁣⠀
3. Read something you enjoy

⠀ ⁣⠀
So remember that sleeping is not resting. Make rest a habit in your life

Besides, you can’t pour from an anything cup!⁣⠀
Make a commitment to yourself today by commenting below “I need rest”



Before succeeding you must first lay low

Are you feeling burned out?

Tired all the time?

Everything is going wrong?

There is not enough time in the day to meet your goals?

Are you struggling with success?

You may be in a desperate state of laying low. It is impossible to pull up and succeed without laying low. 

Laying low requires for you to get away at quite place, refresh your thoughts and mind, focus on whats most important, work smart and most importantly hear the voice of God clearly.

I have been through a few lay low seasons that has positioned me towards success. In which I share in detail in Episode 10.

Here are three things to expect when you are laying low:

  1. You gain focus
  2. Your gifts become activated
  3. You obtain standards

Are you following the right vision for your life? Are you refusing to lay low? Let’s talk about it and click here.

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My Personal Testimony

Today I stand as a Woman of God, Leader, Full time Entrepreneur, Podcaster and a Blogger. However two years ago, I found myself lost and confused about life. I kept saying to myself “There has to be more to life”.

After graduating from college, I began working in my first salary job as a telemarketer. Two months into the job, I knew that I was not going to be there for long.

While I was enjoying my new job and co workers, we went out to bars and drank the whole summer. A few months later, I began to hunger for something else. Drinking was fun, partying was cool, sex was cool too but I still felt like something was missing.

I knew there had to be more to life so I began to question everything around me. Why am I working in a cubicle, surrounded around angry robots? There has to be more to life.

Why are we happy its Friday and miserable when Monday arrives? There has to be more to life. This can’t be it.

In this podcast episode, I go into details on how I was able to move into a beautiful apartment in New York, find peace in my life and appear on the New York Times article in 2018.

Listen to full podcast episode by clicking here.

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Recap of The Blogger Social

On Saturday March 3rd 2018, The Bronx birthed its first networking space for Bronx Innovators. This event was created with the intention of bringing Bronx Bloggers in one space. This event turned out better than what I had originally expected. I had such a good time meeting a list of Bronx professionals that share the love for their home (The Boogie down Bronx.) As Blogger Tess had mentioned in her blog, the people of The Bronx are hungry and there is something percolating here in our borough.

This is a small taste of what The Bronx can do. This is what happens when you put a whole bunch of Bronx Innovators in one room. The energy was absolutely amazing. I started off with a small idea of inviting 30 Innovators for a forum and then it escalated to 250 Innovators in one room, real quick. To see everyone connecting and building together as brothers and sisters, was truly beautiful. We must fight for what we love, which is our home; The Bronx!! This is just the beginning, there is more! If you missed this one, no worries! My team and I are coming back stronger for the next one. Bronx Strong for lifeeeee.

Bronxnet Recap of the event:

Open Interview with Daren Jaime before the event:


My partners: Ayesha (Event Organizer) and Henry (Founder of BORNjuice)

Click here and here for more pictures from the event.

Check out these Bronx Bloggers who recapped the event in their Blogs:

Alex Rivera (The Bronxer) Vlog on the event:

Instagram: TheBronxer

Youtube Channel: The Bronxer


What’s next?

  • I am currently planning another Blogger Social for the Summer of 2018! My team and I are super excited for the next one. Stay tuned for the upcoming dates and information. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to stay updated with more.


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