Vacation in Amsterdam

As you guys know, my boyfriend & I took a trip to Europe for a whole month. Amsterdam is by far our favorite city, ever!! For one, there are soooo many fun things to do and its such a chill city. We are Americans and know very little of the Dutch language, but the city is English friendly for the most part. We loved it so much, that we extended our trip here. Below I included, some photos of the city. (In a separate post I will list the things that we did) Genieten!


Thank you, Amsterdam!

Pho in London

After four nights in London, we decided to visit Chinatown and have a bowl of our favorite Vietnamese food, Pho! I wish I can give you a sample so that you can understand how delicious it was. If you are in London, I recommend that you stop by for a bowl of Pho in Chinatown!



Garlic Beef Pho


Lemonade (freshly made) & Lemon and water



Sharing Meat Platter; Cha la lot, Pork spring roll, Spare ribs & salad


Garlic Beef Pho (Above) and Chicken Breast Pho (Below)


Chinatown London, United Kingdom


Green Tea and Vanilla Taiyaki ice cream for dessert


Followed by a beautiful walk throughout the rest of the town.

Travel day to London


Buckingham Palace


Big Ben


Rainbow next to Buckingham Palace


Underground escalator to exit the station


Chinatown in London


London taxi


The iconic British telephone booth! My boyfriend is so photogenic, can you tell?

London was so much fun! Although it is different it reminded me so much of New York City, lights, crowd and plenty of things to do. One thing that I found very pleasant was that it was very easy to get around by transportation. We were very lucky that our travel to the city from our hotel was a piece of cake. Overall, I would recommend London as a city to hit if you are traveling due to its rich history and architecture. Another thing, Buckingham palace is walking distance to Winter Wonderland (at the right time of the year of course) London eye, Big Ben, Sea Life London Aquarium (if you are traveling with kids) and plenty of shops for souvenir shopping, so no worries!