Health is certainly wealth

What is the purpose of being a millionaire if you are physically unable to enjoy it? What is the purpose of being wealthy if you can’t enjoy the small things that make you happy because your health is at risk? You see health and wealth both intertwine together. You can’t enjoy wealth without stable health.
Before you continue to binge on your favorite chocolate cake whenever you want, there are a few things that I will like for you to know. Your training to enjoying your success and wealth, depends on the stability of your health.
No matter how healthy you are, your training to wealth has already began.
Without you knowing, you have fueling your body with junk which affects your mind, mood and body.
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Relationship Goals

As we step into our purpose, it is important to identify the relationships in our lives. We are going places we have never been to before, dealing with conflicts we have never dealt with before and seeing new height that we have never seen before, so knowing who’s who in our lives is crucial.

Which is exactly what we discuss in this episode. We discuss the six main relationships in our everyday lives and the importance of having boundaries in each relationship. We also dive into positive traits in a healthy relationship, as well as negative traits in an unhealthy relationship.

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Before going into Business, this is what you need to know

As a child of the most high, there are a few things that you must know before going into Business.

  1. Though you are in this world, you are not of this world. John 15:19 | God is going to lead you to operate business completely different from what you are used to seeing in the world. Also, do not expect your success to look like or sound like the success of the children of the world. You belong to a King named, Jesus and he goes exceedingly and abundantly for his his children.
  2. God is the Kings of Kings. Your power comes from him, your knowledge comes from him, your wisdom comes from him and your steps are ordered by him and him only. Just like the story of Moses before he went to Egypt on assignment, God checked him exactly where he was to tell him that God is his overseer. This is why we see Moses go back to God in prayer every time he was rejected by Pharaoh.

Be able to go to God in prayer seeking for answers when a business deal does not go according to plan.

Just like Moses be able to be resilient and stand on Gods word when everytthing seems contrary.

Be able to beleive God and be just no matter how far you get in Business.

Understand that no door can be open, without the blessing of your heavenly father.

Go into business accepting that you walk with the Kings of Kings, that you will face failure and many obstacles along the way. Also keeping in mind that Gods word does return back to him void and you will SUCCEED in whatever you do with him!!

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Snake Eyes

Even Eve got caught up by the serpent

With his cunning speech and smile, genuine and subtle intellect making her motionless under emotions, to subdue his prey, making her easier to swallow as he coils his arms around her to give her a goodnight kiss.


Kisses forbidden, so for forbidden it starts sucking the life out of her

Poisonous bits on the softness of her neck

Feeling euphoria cause her to drift into the sunken place

she longer exist just a shell of the woman she once was, being operated by the master in the front seat, him

body render lifeless, her


Under the spell of his shifty moves

Head spinning from this Mortal Kombat

He sinks his claws in her chest telling her to “get over here”

Deep grasp upon her skin as voices in his head whisper “Finish Her”


He hisses his breath inside her

Fragment of his life source rest in her lungs, polluting her bloodline, until it lands in the spirit of her womb, conceiving a new life of shifty shambles shackles

She locked in . . .


The feeling of his off spring swarming in her womb

Has gotten her praying for a miscarriage or a still born, to avoid what she may reap from spending too much time with what was supposed to be dead.


Daughter of Zion, wait


Stop before you go too far

Tasting the bitter nectar from the tree of death

And perceiving it as something sweet


You have been warned

Your skin encases the most prized possession, your soul

That’s why it’s only designed for noble men to touch

Stop making it easy for invaders to tremble over you


You have been designed to crush the head of the serpent


Don’t get caught up by these men as you passed by,


This is not your time, this is not your place, continue to pass them by,

Don’t get distracted by the pulling of your garments


Getting trapped in snares that you see from afar is foolish 


Be wise,

Be free,

Walk in authority,

Walk in love,

But don’t wake up love before its time.


Though the clock ticks as your heart morns

I know the waiting gets tiresome, but




Written by Cassondra Roberts 




Instagram: @Bloggerfromthebronx

Facebook: @Bloggerfromthebronx


Prince of peace
Troubles cease
When you are around
Jesus loves me
Lost myself
But in him I was found
Satan crept
As I slept
Thought he had me bound
Jesus loves me this I know
Lost now found

Plugs in my ears
Shackles on my eyes
Satan thought he hid well
Jesus ripped off his disguise
He was on MY side
All the time

Like with me he’s with you so say
Sit you hellhounds
Don’t be deceived
You can achieve
Your needs are
Here right now
Jesus loves you this I know, lost now found
Jesus loves you
So he paid the cost, by the pound
Don’t fear
He’s here
This year will be something new for you
First I was sinnin
Now I’m winning
Guess what he can do for you
So let him move on through

Put on your armor
This year will be something great
Come on trust him now
He gave his own son for your sake
The things that he hates
Get in your place, finish the race let him build let him break

Don’t say yes for me now
Say yes for your soul
Satan can’t break Me down
In Jesus eyes we’re temples that just wont fold

Don’t you be bound
If you only now
What happens once you are found
So let him do what he do.
I’ll send the other tm.


Written by Ada Vennea




Instagram: @Bloggerfromthebronx

Facebook: @Bloggerfromthebronx