Deyla Sabio is a dynamic influencer, blogger, speaker and entrepreneur. Deyla Sabio is the founder of Pursuing Purpose Academy, a consulting business designed to create successful branding strategies for first-generation entrepreneurs. Sabio is a proud alumna of the The Bronx Community College TRIO Pre-collegiate Program. With the assistance of this esteemed program, Sabio matriculated at the State College of Old Westbury. During her second year in college, Deyla signed up for a study abroad program in the United Kingdom to study English at the University of Portsmouth—a decision that profoundly changed her life’s trajectory. Nearly four thousand miles away from New York City, Sabio found herself completely immersed in a  different education system, social life and food culture. The time spent in the United Kingdom inspired Sabio to dream bigger—to be the change she longed to see in her world. This is also when the traveling bug bit her! Since then, Deyla has visited several countries and soon decided to share her journey and experiences online—inspiring others to release their fears, break free from self-limiting beliefs and live an abundantly authentic life. She recently launched “The Deyla Sabio Podcast” where she teaches her audience how to uncover their identity to live a life of fulfillment and gratitude by drawing closer to God.


The beginning to living an authentic life starts with taking a leap of faith. Deyla Sabio is devoted in helping you take the first step!