Faith and Fashion with Jada West

In this weeks show, Fashion designer and professional stylist Jada West shares important staples that we need in order to own our winning season by wearing clothes that speaks to who we currently are and makes us feel good all once! Yes girl, it is possible.

Having a conversation about faith and fashion with @itsjadawest has helped me realize the following :

1. The clothes in your wardrobe should speak for who you are as a person
2. If I have clothes in my closet that does not make me look or feel good, it has to go
3. If I am taking a long time to get ready, that is a sign that I need to sit with myself about who I am
4. If I lack in understanding who I am, it will reflect on the clothes that I chose to wear
Girllll.. she made me want to go and try everything in my closet.

Tune in to the full episode here.

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