Building Wealth Over Riches

Passion keeps you in the race. Confidence allows you to be stable and satisfied. Being aware of the relationships in your life, will bring you wisdom. Health builds your endurance and focus. Wealth keeps you building with purpose.
There is a distinct difference on being wealthy and rich
Rich is defined as having lots of money to spend now
Wealth is defined as building assets that allow you to persevere your money for the future
Rich is short term
Wealth is long term
Building wealth is about doing the right things consistently over time. Good planing and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts leads to poverty. As we conclude this series on pursuing purpose, here are 6 tips to guide you as we build wealth together.

Resource Mentioned:
  1. – A New Zealand website that has a budgeting tool, savings guide, mortgage calculator if you’re looking to buy a home and many more resources that lead you into financial freedom.
  2. Dave Ramsey Show – Youtube Channel
  3. His and Her money – Youtube Channel
  4. Redefining wealth by Patrice Washington – Podcast
  5. Think and Grow Rich; A black choice by Dr Dennis Kimbro


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