Before going into Business, this is what you need to know

As a child of the most high, there are a few things that you must know before going into Business.

  1. Though you are in this world, you are not of this world. John 15:19 | God is going to lead you to operate business completely different from what you are used to seeing in the world. Also, do not expect your success to look like or sound like the success of the children of the world. You belong to a King named, Jesus and he goes exceedingly and abundantly for his his children.
  2. God is the Kings of Kings. Your power comes from him, your knowledge comes from him, your wisdom comes from him and your steps are ordered by him and him only. Just like the story of Moses before he went to Egypt on assignment, God checked him exactly where he was to tell him that God is his overseer. This is why we see Moses go back to God in prayer every time he was rejected by Pharaoh.

Be able to go to God in prayer seeking for answers when a business deal does not go according to plan.

Just like Moses be able to be resilient and stand on Gods word when everytthing seems contrary.

Be able to beleive God and be just no matter how far you get in Business.

Understand that no door can be open, without the blessing of your heavenly father.

Go into business accepting that you walk with the Kings of Kings, that you will face failure and many obstacles along the way. Also keeping in mind that Gods word does return back to him void and you will SUCCEED in whatever you do with him!!

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