When you feel like you are alone

To the person who is about to give up, ⁣

This morning I woke up with a heavy heart feeling like a lot of you are silently crying for help. You have mastered concealing your emotions and highlighting a filtered smile. It’s so easy to miss who you are but know that God knows exactly where you are and he hears your cries. You have been seeking to be saved from something that you cant’t even put into words. Something that makes you feel uneasy and desperately want to give up entirely. If that’s you, I felt you this morning and God placed you in my heart. ⁣

He wants you to know this:⁣
Your pain and tears are not in vain⁣
It’s okay not to be okay⁣
You are here for a reason ⁣
Pressure produces promotion ⁣
Oppositions builds endurance ⁣
This too shall pass ⁣

I couldn’t understand why I felt so emotional this morning until I finished recording my new podcast episode and I realized that I had to deliver this message to someone

Feeling alone? This episode is for you, tune in by clicking here.

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