Before succeeding you must first lay low

Are you feeling burned out?

Tired all the time?

Everything is going wrong?

There is not enough time in the day to meet your goals?

Are you struggling with success?

You may be in a desperate state of laying low. It is impossible to pull up and succeed without laying low. 

Laying low requires for you to get away at quite place, refresh your thoughts and mind, focus on whats most important, work smart and most importantly hear the voice of God clearly.

I have been through a few lay low seasons that has positioned me towards success. In which I share in detail in Episode 10.

Here are three things to expect when you are laying low:

  1. You gain focus
  2. Your gifts become activated
  3. You obtain standards

Are you following the right vision for your life? Are you refusing to lay low? Let’s talk about it and click here.

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