Prince of peace
Troubles cease
When you are around
Jesus loves me
Lost myself
But in him I was found
Satan crept
As I slept
Thought he had me bound
Jesus loves me this I know
Lost now found

Plugs in my ears
Shackles on my eyes
Satan thought he hid well
Jesus ripped off his disguise
He was on MY side
All the time

Like with me he’s with you so say
Sit you hellhounds
Don’t be deceived
You can achieve
Your needs are
Here right now
Jesus loves you this I know, lost now found
Jesus loves you
So he paid the cost, by the pound
Don’t fear
He’s here
This year will be something new for you
First I was sinnin
Now I’m winning
Guess what he can do for you
So let him move on through

Put on your armor
This year will be something great
Come on trust him now
He gave his own son for your sake
The things that he hates
Get in your place, finish the race let him build let him break

Don’t say yes for me now
Say yes for your soul
Satan can’t break Me down
In Jesus eyes we’re temples that just wont fold

Don’t you be bound
If you only now
What happens once you are found
So let him do what he do.
I’ll send the other tm.


Written by Ada Vennea




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