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Sometimes it is so easy to overlook discounted stores such as Dollar Tree, based on the assumption that we wont find things of quality. I am guilty of thinking like this in the past! And I must admit that I was wrong. In fact, Dollar Tree has amazing deals and steals hidden inside. I like to shop here because every visit is different, you never know what you may find. Recently, I found some gems that I absolutely love and hopefully you will too!

Acrylic Canisters 

I was excited when I turned into a lane and found these little canister. I filled them up with every day bathroom use, such as dental floss, cotton rounds and cotton swaps. However, the bathroom is not the only place where you can use these canisters. For example, you can use it in the kitchen to store nuts or in your office to store binder clips. Get creative and have fun!

dollar tree post 2


Aren’t these cute? First of all, I have way too many journals so I was not allowed to buy them for myself. So instead I bought them as a gift for friends and family. Also, the pages are good quality! I would not recommend it if it was not of good use. What I drew me to these journals was the positive message that it carried, such as “You got this”, “Love” and “Start Somewhere”. Love!


This I got for my office! Which I was super excited for. I went through a whole collection of calendars and this one caught my eye. There were a list of options that can fit everyone. I don’t know about you, but I did not know that Dollar Tree carried great calendars. So if you are looking for a calendar, this is your place!


That is it for my Dollar Tree finds, I will make more posts such as this for styling tips for your office and home. I hope that you found this posts helpful.


Do you shop at discounted stores? Have you shopped at Dollar Tree?




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