10 things to pack for your next Vacation

Have you ever experienced packing for vacation, wishing that you had packed a few important gems? Yeah? Well that was me recently. Over the course of the Summer, I have been traveling to different places. Some places that I have been to before and others that I visited for the first time. I made the decision to pack lightly but yet I missed a few key things.


During my travels from this Summer I began to evaluate what worked, what did not work and what I should pack for the next time. I know that I am not the only one that can benefit from this list, so here are 10 things to pack for your next vacation:

  1. Portable Charger

  2. Extra Reading Book

  3. Extra Pens

  4. Comfortable Sneakers over cute sneakers (Preferentially with memory foam in the inside)

  5. Safety Pins (For fashion purposes)

  6. Traveling Coffee/Tea Mug

  7. Hand wipes (To keep in bag at all time)

  8. Coin purse (To store extra coins)

  9. Cocoa Butter or any natural oil (Though you can use it for almost everything, I like to use it as protection from the sun)

  10. Ziploc Bags (For your snacks on a day of sightseeing)

Some things on this list, left me feeling totally unprepared for my trips. However, I am happy to point out what not to forget for my next trip and I was also able to help some people at the same time. Which marks a great thing for me!

Is there anything that I am missing in my list? Where are you headed next for vacation?




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