My Summer Highlights 2018

Today is the last day of Summer and I am content on how it went for me. This Summer was an unusual Summer for me due to three reasons.

1.My Baptism Anniversary 

Last year I gave my life to Jesus Christ and shortly after I was baptized. I have lived a full year walking with Christ. This thought alone amazes me. While I reflect, I cant help myself from smiling. It’s been more than 365 days since I said yes to my lord and savior and my life has never been the same. Such a blissful journey, filled with miracle signs and wonders.

Girlll, It was as if God waiting for me at the door! As soon as I said yes, he began to do immediate changes in and through my life. Cleaning things out of my heart, mind and spirit. Easy is not a word that I would use, but I would say that this walk has been meaningful. I learned not to underestimate God on what he can do in a day, let alone one whole year!

I am humbly at peace and in awe with the love of God. Because of my life transformation, I stepped into this Summer with a new mind set prepared to overcome any challenge that came my way. And that I did! Glory to God!

2. Summer Teaching 

At first this idea made me nervous because I am a fairly new teacher and I never taught during the summer. I had to remind myself that God has plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

In fact, at the end of it all I realized that I learned things I did not know about being a teacher and I also learned a lot about my students. My students and I shared unforgettable moments that I will forever cherish, throughout my teaching career.  I admit that at times I felt like I was on a roller coaster BUT it was an experience that I had to go through in order to learn things that will help me improve as a teacher and overall a person.

3. Traveling

I love to travel. I find pure joy in planning for a trip, sitting inside of a plane, checking in to a hotel and being a tourist. I love it all! This Summer I visited Washington D.C, Hawaii and Texas. I have been to Washington a few times in the past, I enjoy my visit all the time. I love visiting the African American Museum, it is filled with so much history and their gift shop is the! Hawaii was breathtaking, I savored every bit of my stay. I recommend everyone to go visit. And Texas is my second home because my siblings reside there. Every time I visit I give and receive so much love. This was a highlight for me because I have not visited Texas since college and I missed my family so much, it was great to see them.


This was the first Summer of my life that I have moved so much in in such little time, collecting the beautiful memories. This is a Summer to remember.


How was your Summer? Share with me in the comment box.




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