Book Review: The Audacity To Finish by Laura Eustache Zamor

Grace-filled, Worthy & Bold

Here is a book review about Laura Eustache Zamor, a Haitian American Author from New York City with a true gift in writing. She is currently on a mission to impact lives with her compelling story with her new memoir.

For starters, Laura has a style of writing that will gravitate any good reader. As soon as I started reading, I could not put the book down and I loved that I felt this way. This is important to me because I love a “this is so good that I cant seem to put it down” book.

Flipping from chapter to chapter, I realized that I felt a connection to Laura and it was almost as if I can imagine the events that she went through. From heading to school, owning her first car, becoming an RA, being involved on campus, family support, spiritual experiences, getting married and down to having the audacity to finish her masters program.

What I learned from reading this memoir is this: Just because you are going through, does not mean it is the end of the world. As long as you keep in mind of God’s promise, that he will never leave you nor forsake you. And that no matter what, everything that you experience is for a reason and everything will come to a full completion as God declared in his word. Laura’s ability to keep going and seeking Gods face even in her lowest times, spoke to me and it inspired to me press deeper in God.

Picking up this book, I was not too sure on what I was going to uncover between those Beautiful purple covers. Now that I have successfully completed the book, I now understand why God has led me to read it in the first place.

This is an incredible book to read and I highly recommend for you to read it for yourself. Click here for more information about “The Audacity To Finish” by Laura Eustache Zamor. Also, Check out my book review on “Homegoing” by Yaa Gyasi


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