From the Bronx to Harvard University – Netflix Show; Taking Up Space

taking up space

Taking up space is a Netflix show that sheds light on the lives of African Americans that push through wherever they go despite of the lack of diversity

This show opens up the conversation of the lack of diversity within prestigious institutions in America. Just like many other issues, this is something that is kept under the rug which is why I find this show to be interesting. It opens up a conversation that introduces fear into a room and that make people feel uncomfortable. It is time to push through this all and go there. We must!

In this show, Robert Rush walks us through his journey as a Harvard Student on campus and the things that he faces as an African American student. “I wanted to be part of the school that I went to because I knew that it meant so much. Me going to Harvard from where I come from is abnormal” shares Robert; where he explains building a genuine relationship with his school regardless of who he is and what he faces.

Robert helps us understand that the hunger for change is growing more and more. As an advocate, Rush is on a mission to shift some things around and I am so here for it! Lets join forces and get this work done.

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