5 Signs that you’re not taking care of yourself

self care

You have not been taking care of yourself and it shows. I am sorry, sis. But it smells like you have not been practicing self care. And that is a big, no no! When was the last time that you said “no” to a meeting? When was the last time you visited the hair salon? When was the last time that you had some space to breathe?

Your mind, heart, spirit and body requires restoration very often. We are unable to perform to our best when we skip self care. It is like driving a car without gas, it will not work. This is something that I had to learn as an adult; self care is extremely important.


Without further ado, here are some signs that you are not taking care of yourself:

1. Emotionally eating

Are you experiencing an increase in food intake? If so, this is considered  emotional eating and it is a sign that you are not taking care of yourself. This is unhealthy for yourself and for your body. One way to overcome this is by seeking counsel whether it’s professional or just a friend.

2. You are having a self- pity party 

Stop handing out invitations to yourself pity party. You are consistently painting a picture of one color which only contains you. You have a lot to say about yourself negatively. You don’t realize that it’s making it worse. Everyone else is at fault except you. Your drowning in your own sorrow, without a life vest.

3. Lack of sleep 

The more you worry, the more you lack sleep. The tension in your body is keeping you from sleeping.  Your nervous system is crying out for rest but you are troubled by stress. You can meditate, read a book and put your electronics in a separate room. 

4. Forgetting is a pattern

Are you finding yourself forgetting everything? You’re forgetting where you placed your metro card, keys, Id, the days of the week. You’re forgetting appointments, business meeting, your kids, “date night,” and/or  important calls. Instead, you can write reminders on your calendar or on your phone. Make post-its your best friend by writing down reminders. Play a brain game like Lumosity.

5. Unorganized

Everything is all over the place! You’re late and running for the bus. You missed the train and now you’re stuck on a delayed train. You get off the wrong stop. Your arrive  late to work and your manager is waiting for you with a warning. Everything is all over the place! To avoid, plan your plan time. Wake up early, eat a nutritionist breakfast, plan your day ahead of time.

 6. Unmotivated 

Get up! Set a goal for each day. Binge watch motivational videos on YouTube and allow them to inspire you. Declare positive affirmations, such as; I am fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139:14.  Now, allow this to marinate and let it serve as a motivation to you.


What are some things that you are doing to practice self care?

Have you mastered taking care of yourself? How do you manage?

Which sign can you relate to the most?

Do share! I’d love to hear from you.




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