Going through the struggle

I was a professional complainer and at some point I felt myself turning into a grumpy bear. Things were not going the way I anticipated and I felt that no one understood what I was going through. This led me to hide inside of a cocoon. I learned how to bury my thoughts, opinions and feelings deep inside. I mean, I suppressed things and forgot that it was there. Happy people made me itch because they had something that I was missing. I was allergic to joy because it was an uncomfortable feeling. Happiness was the goal for me but I cringed at the image of being really happy. I walked around the same struggles for a while; because I was stuck on a stagnated mindset.
You see, this was the same problem with the people of Israel. God sent Moses to save the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt and lead them into the promised land. When they were finally free, they complained themselves into misery. Though the lord provided for his people, they got lost by putting all of their focus on their problems. While they were physically free, they were mentally stuck in slavery back in Egypt. In fact, they wanted to go back to slavery instead of going to the promised land. Why? Because they had to make the decision to trust in God and not what they understand. Because they were walking by sight and not by faith. Because it hurts to struggle. Because discipline is uncomfortable. Because going through, meant enduring pain. Because they had to trust God more than they trust themselves. Because in order to make it to the other side, you have to be willing to loose everything. Because they have been slaves longer than they have been free. Because they anticipated things to be easy but it was hard instead. The people of Israel complained for 40 years and they never saw the promised land. Simply, because they did not want to go through.
Stop complaining and go through. God will not give you anything that you can’t handle. Trust the process. Embrace your struggles because they make you stronger. Struggles are made to whip us into shape. We need it, it is impossible to get by without a struggle. Everyone goes through. I promise when I say that you are not alone. You can not go around, underneath or from the side. The only way out is to go THROUGH.




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