You are Beautiful

Beautiful BoomYou feel like no one sees you. You are kind to those around you. You are not after the paycheck but after the cause. You genuinely compliment strangers. You are willing to draw a smile into someones face, even when yours is faded. You offer your seat when you are on the bus or subway for someone in need. You use your metro card to get on the front of the bus, despite of how many people are smuggling themselves in the back of the bus. You look in the eyes of a stranger and smile. You challenge yourself to be better than yesterday everyday. You feed your mind, soul and body with positive juice. You indulge yourself in love and pure joy. Just like the font on the picture above, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL in and throughout. Do not get weary in well doing, God sees you even when no one is watching.

You hear me? God sees you. 🎀




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