Dining Experience; 6 Course meal


Two words to describe him; meek and skillful. If you don’t know by now, his name is  Jose Dejesus and he goes by Trill Cooker. Jose grew up in The Bronx and collected his experience as a chef in Manhattan. With a remarkable career as a chef and pure determination, Jose stands as a proficient chef in New York City.

Besides a chef, Jose is also a successful entrepreneur. He founded “Breaking Bread”, where he hosts pop up dinners in different parts of The Bronx. What makes this interesting, is that the dinner is a secret; so you will not know what’s for dinner until you arrive to the designated location.  If you have a specific diet and/or food restrictions, before purchasing your ticket you are asked about those restrictions. At the time when I attended one of his pop up dinners, I was strictly pescatarian and I was well taken care of. So no worries! Please note that everything was freshly made and prepared at the counter.

Anyways, here are some photos that highlights my experience at the pop up dinner.



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