Stop comparing yourself


You are beautiful
You are different
You are YOU!!!

People today tend to compare themselves to others because they want to be them or even possess what they have. We all have role models but there is difference between and idol and following someone else’s trend.

Begin by analyzing yourself in the mirror, admire your features as you look at yourself. DO NOT THINK ABOUT THE NEGATIVE BUT INSTEAD THINK ABOUT THE POSITIVE!!!

NEXT, Have you ever sat down to actually contemplate what makes you beautiful?
Take the moment to think about five things that makes you beautiful or even happy and if you cant that is a problem.
The problem is your not identifying the beauty within yourself and now it is time to get out of that shell.
That barrier that you have can be broken down! Do not build upon it but break it instead.
Look upon my 5 ways to be more creative blog post on how to branch out to be different and unique.

However this post is to make you more focused on yourself and who you are a s person.

Then, each day as you wake up place a post-it note of a motivational thought on your mirror, or somewhere you will always see the post-it.

Lastly, say “I am confident”, each day and night, even when you in the car going to work, or even taking public transportation.

Your confidence is the key to everything. It shapes who you are as a person, and that positivity needs to be shared throughout. That is what people will want to see.

Remember you came out into this world alone, now its time to make your own image of yourself. Make yourself your own role model.


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