How to be more Creative


Imagine this; As you lay down on the grass with your eyes looking up, seeing the blue and white clouds as they move left and right in an indecisive order. You begin to make images in your head of what you see in the sky. Now that is creativity.

Have you ever heard of writer’s block? Well, there can be creator’s block. Here are some tips on how to be more creative:

1. Identify What You Enjoy

First, we need to identify what you enjoy, such as hobbies, favorite subjects, or even what you like to eat! Now use those as a starting foundation for thinking of ideas related to the topics.

2. Step Out the Box

Use these hobbies to branch out into different past-times you’ve never tried before. Take a risk. Do something challenging. Step out your comfort zone.

3. Research for Inspirations

Everyone is inspired by someone or something. Now it’s your turn. Take several inspirations from different websites, such as Pinterest, and apply them into your own work.

4. Go Out

Remaining in the same environment can limit your creativity, so going out can help you draw inspirations. Take pictures, to reminisce about the memories that you experienced, and create a collage about your favorite moments.

5. Personal Space

Everyone eventually needs “Me-time” to destress, reflect, and to recharge our batteries before we can continue onto the next level of our creativity.
Now to execute your image, the image that was created up in the sky is about to be produced.

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