No it’s not stress, it’s stretch

Stress vs Stretch (2)

You are so precious in my eyes, you have no idea. Let me break that down for you; You are of great value and you should not be wasted or treated carelessly. I bought you with a price, I have died on the cross for you. You belong to me. I stretch you outside of your capacity, like a rubber band that is ready to pop. Though you may feel like you have reached your limit, you must remain steadfast and immovable. Everything that you go through, I allow it because I know that you can handle it. I would not give you anything that you can’t bare. You know this very well. You call it STRESS and I confirm that it is a STRETCH. I am your father, I know all things and besides me there is no other. I have called you to stand strong as a soldier. You are made for things such as this, why do you complain? A complain towards my plan, tells me that you don’t trust me. Am I not your creator? How are you able to endure without stretching? When the enemy comes in as a flood, how are you able to fight if you can’t endure? Soldiers battle, while others rattle. Those who rattle have little faith in me. Now, pick up your armor and stand firm as the soldier that I have called you to be. ✍🏾

No it’s not stress, it’s stretch!




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