Be Willing

Are you willing_

Be willing. Commit to loving yourself no matter what. Forgive yourself for your mistakes, because we are not made to be perfect. Commit to being yourself, because everyone else is taken. You were made different for a reason. Commit to surrounding yourself with love because love casts out ALL fear. With a cup full of love, fear has little space. Overfill yourself with love. There is no fear in love. The thought of being punished is what makes us afraid. Therefore we shall indulge ourselves with love. Commit to loving others because we all need love. Commit to being who you were destined to be in this world because tomorrow isn’t promised. Time waits for no man. Commit to doing something different because what you are doing is not working. Commit to upgrading yourself and not your phone because you DESERVE it more than your phone. But it begins with a commitment. Are you willing?




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