3 reasons why you should be eating Grapefruit

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Hey, lovely people!

I love grapefruit more than any other fruit. One thing that I really enjoy about this yellow round fruit, is that it is filled with delicious citrus acid and its packed with so many benefits. Here are some to keep in mind while they are still in season:

  • Makes you feel full
    • Because of the high amount of fiber that this fruit contains, it suppresses hunger. Isnt this great news for some us? I know it is for me. Which is great if you are watching your weight, because it prevents you from overeating and you wont have to run to the grocery store frequently because you have mistakenly eaten all your food, again. lol The answer to this problem will be a piece of grapefruit.


  • They’re refreshing
    • This is a popular fruit for breakfast, simply because it is refreshing and why not start your day with a refreshing fruit? Before heading out the door in the morning, follow a piece of grapefruit after your bowl of cereal or pack the grapefruit juice and drink it on your way to work/school.


  • Helps with Fatigue
    • During the summer season, many of us are running around like a chicken without a head and we often experience fatigue. Especially in this busy summer season and the hot weather! Grapefruit contains Nootkatone, which serves a boost of energy. Feeling fatigue? grab a cold grapefruit drink with extra ice.




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