More than just a cup of Tea

🌱 Its not what it looks like. I mean, its more than what it looks like. When I wake up in the early morning, you are exactly what I crave for. As I take my first sip, a deep breathe of relief follows after. I close my eyes and tilt my head back; preparing my mind, body and soul for a fresh new day. I ask god to use me as a vessel to glorify his kingdom and to provide me with specific instructions for today. Before taking my second sip, I wait for god to speak. I hold you up close to my face, for a mini facial. Instantly, god begins to download information/instructions into my spirit. Thank you, father. After writing it all down, I am now ready for the rest of you. Coffee do it for some but you do it for me. See, its not what it looks like. You are more than just tea to me. 🍵


With lots of love,


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