The Ugly Truth About Beauty Products

“Turns out, my Pantene contains a chemical linked to cancer and lots of products in my bathroom from sunscreen to lipstick and even baby shampoo; also linked to cancer or other problems such as learning disabilities, asthma and even male fertility (damaged sperm.” – The Story of Cosmetics (Short Youtube Video)

It is no secret that we do not know for sure what goes into our foods but how about our beauty products? Although there is a list of things unsaid, it is our job to be mindful and educated in these areas. Just because it taste good, does not necessarily mean that it is good for you to consume, right? Same goes for beauty products, just because it smells good or look pretty, this does not mean that it is safe for us to use.

”The average woman in the U.S uses about twelve personal care products daily. The average man uses about six. Each product containing a dozen or more chemicals.” – The Story of Cosmetics (Short Youtube Video)

If you look closely, you will learn that some of products contain deadly chemicals and some are not even approved by the FDA! Chemicals that are banned in many countries, are legal in America and freely swimming in our daily products. Anyone can understand that some ingredients used for our products are not safe for humans to consume but it is allowed on the market, for us to buy and consume!! (I don’t know about you but that is insane to even think about, please take a few minutes to let this information marinate)

The bottom line is; we all want to enjoy a fruitful life without devoting half our lives to the healthcare industry paying medical bills.

Using some graphics from Safe Cosmetics, here are some ingredients to look out for and why:


Butylated Compounds

Ethanolamine Compounds

Now that you know about a few ingredients to look out for, pick a beauty product and search for these ingredients.

This is what I got rid of, after learning about the ugly ingredients:

beauty products

If you feel like you need help identifying the ingredients, you can use these websites/app that will tell you exactly what is in your product. My top favorite ones are Safe CosmeticsThink Dirty App and Good Guide.

4 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth About Beauty Products

  1. Great post, sad message. It’s ridiculous that so many companies knowingly put harmful chemicals into products people use and even consume. It’s even sadder that they do this all while still testing on animals; one would think if they had to, things like this would be avoided but they still aren’t. Thanks for sharing, I’m looking forward to your future posts!
    Stop by my space sometime?
Mena | 🌻✨

    • It’s ridiculous and it’s so important to know that it’s not just the food that we consume it’s everything that’s around us. (Scary though) you’re so right and I am happy that you are now aware of the ugly truth. Thank you for stopping by and of course I’ll support you too ❤️🤗

  2. This post is eye opening so, I want to thank you for sharing. Most of the time, we don’t pay attention to what we consume and then we wonder why we get so sick.

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