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Soul Food spot in The Bronx

Another Hidden Gem in The Bronx, ya’ll! Okay so whenever I walked pass this block, this restaurant is always packed with people. I went inside and asked the chef why this restaurant is always packed and he simply told me in his Caribbean accent “When you try the food, you will know”.

I must admit that the food is truly good!  My boyfriend and I had fish, shrimps, mac and cheese, candied yams, corn bread and their signature drink called half and half. The serve a lot of food so we split the food and we were more than satisfied.

Roclyns 2Roclyns 1

Everything was delicious and reasonably priced. The chef was right after all, now I know why this place is always packed.

2 thoughts on “Soul Food spot in The Bronx

  1. Hi, I appreciate you blogging about the Bronx. As a woman who grew up in Highbridge I am always interested in how the surrounding neighborhoods are changing. Can you give me the name and address to this soul food restaurant in Highbridge, please?

    1. No way!! I am pleased to meet you and happy that you checked out this post! The neighborhood is indeed changing drastically, this is just the beginning. The name of the restaurant is “Ridleys Seafood Spot” and the address is 969 Ogden Ave Bronx, NY. Happy to help, thank you for stopping by 😊♥️

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