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I am a huge advocate of health and taking care of your mind and body. In order to live a fulfilling life, one of the things we must do is take care of our mind, soul and body. Living in The Bronx, it was very difficult to find a nearby gym or even a studio that offers different classes. Even if it you did have gyms and studios near you, most of the time people were not aware. However, over the last two years different gyms and local studios have been popping up all over The Bronx.

“Used to be that if you wanted to take a dance class, you took the train into the city. A yoga class? You went downtown. A boot camp, or pole, or meditation class? You just couldn’t find them consistently available at home in the Bronx.” – Sweet Water

Do you see where I am going with this? No more traveling downtown, you can attend the same classes right in your own backyard.(Sweet Water is located one block away from Yankee Stadium.)

Classes Offered: 

  • Afro Cuban Workshop (Orisha Dance)
  • Barre
  • Boot Camp: Dancehall Workout
  • Boot Camp:  Kukuwa African Workout
  • CapoeiraWorkout (Afro Brazilian dance)
  • Egyptian Belly Dance
  • Salsa Dance Class
  • Pilates
  • Pole Dance Class
  • Baby Ballet
  • Baby Yoga
  • Yoga (Dance Yoga, Hot yoga, Prenatal Yoga and other types of yoga!)

Just to name a few! Here is a small overview of the classes that Sweet Water offers. Besides the classes, within the facility there is also a Wellness spa and a Children’s program available.

I just joined the studio in February and so far I love it! As soon as you walk in, you feel right at home. However, I will publish a separate post on my full experience and the classes that I have taken.

Thank you Sweet Water for gifting something beautiful to our communities. -Dey

For more information, please visit: sweetwaterdanceandyoga.com

3 thoughts on “Sweet Water Dance & Yoga

  1. These sound like the coolest classes ever! I love yoga and I’ve attended a few belly dance classes in the past. I live on Long Island, so this would be a little bit too far to frequent unfortunately, but I could definitely give this a go when I’m in the city next even to pop in!

    • Yeah, Long Island is a bit of a stretch from this studio but a nice pop up visit will be nice just to familiarize yourself with the studio itself. Yankee stadium it’s in the area, as well as the popular Bronx Drafthouse next door to the studio! Might as well kill 2 birds in one stone lol

      • That would make for a nice day trip. Thanks for the idea. 🙂 The setup of the studio was really nice. I liked the vibe/ambience. xx

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