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 Light Purple Matte Gel Nail Polish: $40

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I believe there are two different types of nails salons, there is one where you go to for a quick job and there is another one that you go to for service and attention. I could be wrong, but this is based on my experiences so far. You have the salon that does your nails really quickly and you have the salon that takes their time with the process. And its super hard to find a perfect one because most of the time the really good ones do not have websites and they’re not on yelp! This is the ultimate struggle. So after asking around and hours of research, I found another hidden gem.

First Impression: 

This is not your regular nail salon. First off, as soon as you walk in you will notice that its small cute spot. Personally, I like that it is small because it is a bit more personal and you can sit back and relax while you’re pampering yourself. I love the modern look to the salon, it is very comfortable. I came prepared with a picture from Pinterest of how I want my nails for the nail stylist, she glanced at it and exceeded the job! Lindita Nails have matte nail polish in all colors, whether you want them in gel or regular polish which is a plus for me! Happy customer; I will definitely recommend it to everyone.


  • Great service
  • Reasonably priced
  • No rush in paint job
  • Cuts and shapes natural nails before tips (many places do not do this)

For more information, please visit: 

Hours of Operation:  Monday – Friday: 9am-7m

Take the 4 uptown train to 183rd and walk up two blocks going East. Easy Peazy.

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